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Group Health & Life


TERM LIFE is essential low cost protection. Policies can provide locked in pricing and coverage for any length of time from five years to 30 years.

WHOLE LIFE & UNIVERSAL LIFE are life insurance policies designed to last a lifetime. Initially they cost more than term insurance, but over the long run they will accumulate a tax deferred savings plan and can be a much better value when compared with term insurance.

MEDICAL INSURANCE takes many forms. Senior citizens may have Medicare and traditional supplements, or Medicare Advantage Plans. Younger folks may have a high deductible major medical plan or any number of HMO based or PPO based plans. For the lowest premium costs, consider a high deductible plan which is compatible for use with a tax deductible Health Savings Account.

DISABILITY insurance is designed to replace your income if you become ill or injured and cannot work. Many people have some coverage provided by an employer, but employer coverage is typically a small amount and only for a short term, with a maximum of 13 or 26 weeks. It is important for most people to supplement the employer coverage with their own policy.

ANNUITIES are a life insurance product designed to be a safe place to put your money for a long time. We sell only Fixed Annuity products which are not subject to stock market risk. With annuities you earn interest on a tax deferred basis. They are often used as part of a well rounded retirement plan. Annuities have the unique feature of being able to provide an income payout for life!

insurance pays for the cost of custodial care when health insurance and Medicare are no longer paying the bill. We often think of this as nursing home coverage, but good quality policies also cover home health care and care in many other situations.


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HEALTH PLANS are offered from most major health insurance companies doing business in Connecticut. We can provide a wide range of options including HMO, PPO and traditional indemnity plans. Among them we are authorized to sell products from the Chamber of Commerce Insurance Trust and the Connecticut Business & Industry Association.

CHAMBER INSURANCE TRUST has a variety of products for small business. These include Connecticare business health plans, Aetna health plans and Aetna dental plans and more.

CONNECTICUT BUSINESS & INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION offers the unique program called Health Connections. With Health Connections businesses with 3 or more employees can offer their employees a wide range of coverage plans and each employee may choose from among four insurance companies.

LONG TERM CARE insurance is available on a group basis when three or more employees will enroll. When compared to purchasing individual policies, group coverage provides several clear advantages, including reduced premium charges.

GROUP LIFE coverage is generally available without medical underwriting for limits of up to $50,000 per employee. Premiums are low cost and employees truly appreciated the employer provided benefit.

GROUP DENTAL coverage typically requires a minimum of ten employees, but we have options for smaller businesses, even self employed "groups of one" if they belong to the Chamber of Commerce.