Commercial Lines


The Insurance Agents  Who Care!


MAIN STREET business. We have a lot of options for most small and medium sized businesses. We can provide all lines of coverage, including General Liability, Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto.

Some businesses we commonly insure and are very competitive on include:

Offices of all types, including doctors, lawyers and accountants.
Retail Stores of all types, even liquor stores.
Home improvement contractors, including electricians and plumbers
Landscape contractors
Auto Repair shops
Lessor's Risk ( Building owners who rent to others )

GENERAL LIABILITY is essential protection for every business. It provides coverage for a wide range of problems involving injury to people or damage to property of others. Anyone can be sued at any time for any reason and General Liability coverage provides peace of mind.

BUILDINGS & BUSINESS PROPERTY of all types. Retailers need to insure their fixtures and stock. Offices need to cover furniture, computers and equipment. Contractors need to cover equipment. Auto repair shops, tools. Don't forget flood insurance!

WORKERS COMPENSATION is required by Connecticut law. Almost all employees in all situations should be covered, including part time and seasonal people.

policies can cover a wide range of vehicles, from cars for use of business owners and sales people to heavy trucks used in construction trades. We even have options to insure hard to place risks like tow trucks.

PROFESSIONAL Liability is needed by many. Accountants, architects, computer programmers, doctors, lawyers, opticians & veterinarians to name a few.